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Founded by Ethan Kay, Pacific Rim Early Childhood Education (PRECE) is a network of schools providing high-quality Montessori education for all children, from 6 weeks old to 6 years old.

Our passionate teachers and staff are innovative, creative, and support the development of the whole child. Inspired by Dr. Maria Montessori’s pedagogy, we are able to follow the unique needs of each child to guide them in reaching their fullest potential with a solid foundation for a lifelong love of learning.

Our communities serve as wonderful support systems to our families that are abundant with resources from a listing ear to references for local services. We strive to support all members of our communities to do well, and be well. 

Our Schools

All our current schools adhere to Montessori principles. We believe that aspects of Montessori pedagogy and curriculum in a child's life is important as the essence is to self explore.

We focus on addressing all four components for a successful child's education: curriculum, pedagogy, professional development and parent engagement. It is vital that four topics are addressed simultaneously and in equal importance to ensure the child receives and can retain the information.


A Letter from the President


I am commonly asked why I chose to enter the field of early childhood education and development. It was not one isolated incident, rather a cumulation of small moments that guided me to a field where I experience social and mental fulfillment. My primary objective is to bring more resources and acknowledgement into early childhood education and development. I have learned that for every human being, it is in early childhood we lay the foundation and nurture the roots for understanding concepts for the years that follow. So, why shouldn’t we pay more attention?! I welcome you to join me on this journey to promote and provide high quality early childhood education to all!

Ethan Kay

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